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These special offers are all from members of the The International Registry of Professional Hypnotherapists

Weight Loss CD from Steve G. Jones


"Steve G. Jones has helped me lose that unwanted weight I thought I would never lose. It was easy, just like he said. Thanks, Steve. HUGGGGGGGSSSSSSS" J.K.-Los Angeles, CA

"Steve G. Jones has helped me more in three weeks than I was helped with three YEARS of therapy. Thank you thank you THANK YOU !!!" K.T.- Santa Monica, CA

Your special price is only $22 U.S.

Regular price $29.95 (plus postage). Our bargain price $22 (includes postage).

See the original listing at twice the price: CD

EFT: Tap Your Troubles Away

This CD is incredible value. International therapist Sir Michael Carr-Jones with his many years experience of hypnosis and self-help proclaims EFT (Tapping) to be a milestone in therapy.

British psychotherapist Stephen Bray, of www.quietquality.com says, "When Michael Carr-Jones told me about 'Tapping' frankly I was skeptical. But using his method I have achieved great things both with my clients, and also personally."

Tapping is a simple way to help yourself, and those you love, and it may be quickly learned by anyone. No college degree is necessary for you to get out from under the pile and get on top.

In this CD and manual you will learn the secrets that Sir Michael teaches in weekend workshops.

The price of the CD complete with the comprehensive instruction manual is normally $29 U.S. (See Sir Michael's site at Tap Away Your Troubles

Your special price is only $19 U.S.

Regular price $29. Our bargain price $19.

Complete Course in Hypnotherapy

Complete hypnosis training course in one book.

For full details see here: hypnosis training.

Regular price $111. Our bargain price $66.

Only one left.

British Hypnosis CD

regularly $37 now $18.99

Hypno-Beginning©: New Program for Relaxed Birthing

This is a home-study program developed by family doctor and hypnotherapist Dr Nathalie Fiset. Useful for any mother-to-be who wants to prepare for a natural and peaceful childbirth.

Dr Fiset has generously offered not only a $20 discount on the package of four excellent CDs plus the Manual but a fifth CD that is her special gift to you for the day of your child's birth.

So the package of five CDs and Manual is normally priced at $120 plus $20 postage. Save $20. The whole Program can be yours for $100 plus $20 postage.

Please note: In order for this home program to deliver good results, you need to commit to it and do all the practice sessions and homework.

The Blue Disc: Master Self-Hypnosis

This first Hypno-Beginning© recording will help you to achieve and master self-hypnosis rapidly. You will be amazed to realize that you do not need a recording or another person to help you go into a deep, very relaxing self-hypnosis. By easily reaching a state of profound and total mind and body relaxation, you will give birth to your little baby in a calm, peaceful and natural way.

The Pink Disc: A Perfect Anesthesia

You will learn from this second Hypno-Beginning© recording that you have within yourself all the abilities to achieve perfect anesthesia with hypnosis.

You will discover the same powerful techniques physicians use when doing surgeries with hypnosis as the sole anesthetic agent. You will be amazed to realize that you have the power to control all the sensations in your body. By being able to achieve such a deep level of anesthesia, you will go through your labor with minimal discomfort while enjoying the experience.

The Yellow Disc: Your Perfect Place

In this third Hypno-Beginning© recording, you will build your very special perfect place. This special place will bring you peace, calm and serenity. By being able to enjoy your perfect place, your body will remain completely relaxed and will give birth easily. As an added bonus, you get to keep your special place and can return to it whenever you feel the desire to enjoy life to its fullest.

The White Disc: The Birth

In the fourth Hypno-Beginning© recording, your get to practice and live the perfect birth. The human brain manifests what it conceives. This way, by making you live and practice the ideal birth for you, it becomes a reality, your reality.You will also learn to create a protective bubble around you and your little baby, thus ensuring that nothing can interfere with your project of giving birth naturally and peacefully.

The Gold Disc: Happy Birth Day!

This bonus fifth Hypno-Beginning© recording is special for many reasons. First, you only have to go into self-hypnosis and then listen to it as many times as you desire. Second, it is a complete and powerful summary of the whole program. Third, you should only listen to it on the day that your labor starts because it is Dr Fiset's birthday gift to you and your baby.

The price of the four Hypno-Beginning© CDs,complete with the comprehensive instruction manual, bonus CD and postage is normally $140 U.S. (See Dr Fiset's site at www.hypno-beginning.com)

Your special price is only $120 U.S.

Regular price $140. Our bargain price $120.


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