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  Psychovisual Therapy: State of the Art  


Psychovisual Therapy (PsyV) is one of the most modern forms of psychotherapy.

It combines ancient wisdom and proven psychological techniques with the latest technology.

Currently PsyV is packaged in a series of eleven DVDs.

PsyV complements the therapist-client relationship and provides an efficient means for the client to reinforce his or her therapy at home.

Often a PsyV DVD is sufficient by itself to bring about radical change in a viewer -- Stopping Smoking and Weight Loss are two examples.

PsyV DVDs present information simultaneously to the viewer's conscious and subconscious minds. Music, colour and a soothing voice relax the viewer.

Positive messages embedded in the fascinating, computer-generated shapes flowing across the television or DVD screen are absorbed directly by the client's subconscious.

PsyV incorporates all five of the varieties of psychotherapy listed by Lewis Wolberg in his classic two-volume treatise, The Technique of Psychotherapy.

These are:

    physiological regimens,

    behavioural conditioning techniques,

    supportive relationship tactics,

    dynamic methodologies, and

    philosophic approaches.

PsyV strengthens positive self-imagery in the viewer's conscious and subconscious (metaphors for in and outside of awareness).

This is accomplished largely through subliminal messages which are readily absorbed because PsyV puts the viewer into a light state of hypnosis.

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