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  How to Avoid a Bad Relationship

How You Can Avoid Bad Relationships and Find Your One True Love: A Blueprint for the Woman Who Chooses to be the Architect of Her Own Life.

Do you find 'decent' men boring and 'jerks' exciting?

Then you're among the majority. But, as you've learned, jerks make for disastrous relationships.

So why are you attracted to them? The short answer is that although you live in the 21st century, your basic biology and psychology are still Stone Age. So you (unconsciously) look for a 'tough guy' to protect you and your children from the sabre-toothed tigers.

This ebook -- based on my four decades as a psychotherapist and 28 years of marriage to a wonderful woman [wife #2 !] -- will show you how to choose the right man.

Before you can choose wisely you need to know how to avoid a bad relationship.

You may dismiss the Solution as too simple -- or too difficult. But put it into practice and you will find your ideal man.

Read on for the details on How You Can Avoid Bad Relationships and Find Your One True Love.

I've explained the process under the following headings:

  • Five Signs of a Bad Relationship
  • Nine Warning Signals
  • The Perfect Partner
  • The Solution (in detail)
  • Causes of Relationship Dissatisfaction
  • Seven Ways to Develop Self-Respect
  • Protecting Yourself From a Bad Relationship

"I enjoyed reading this book. I found the content to be informative and full of common sense. I'm sure I will find the information useful in my own private practice."

Peggy Leal

"Bonsoir Bryan,
I read your e-book and I found it good. It has a lot to say that I find pertinent and it is obviously the fruit of your thinking over a long period of time. It has the stamp of your beliefs, values and experience--it is therefore valuable."

David Lake, M.D.



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