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  Dr. Knight’s Fees and Testimonials
Here's what I charge:


O.K. I'm being a little tongue-in-cheek. But during this first hour:

>>you will experience an insight, some relief, perhaps even a significant change.

>>you will be able to decide if you want to work with me.

And I'll decide if Im the right therapist for you. The fee for this initial consult is $95.

If we both agree to continue then you pre-pay for 2 more sessions at $195 each.

Sometimes (admittedly it's rare) just the first session is enough to resolve whatever's troubling you.

More likely the first session will give you the confidence that not only do you know what's wrong, but that I know how to help you make it right.

And that will require only a few appointments -- (quite likely just the two pre-paid session commitment).

Sometimes up to 6 or 7 sessions are necessary. In rare instances you may opt for more appointments.

Sessions are usually once a week but can be held every second week.

In Westside Medical Clinic

I'm not a physician, nor a psychologist. I hold a degree in psychology from Sir George Williams University, a Master's degree in Social Work from McGill University and a PhD for my dissertation "Professional Love: The Hypnotic Power of Psychotherapy" from Columbia Pacific University. Several years ago the Westside Clinic invited me to be their Consulting Hypnotherapist because of my four decades of experience as a psychotherapist, and my publications. You can use my receipts on your income tax. Insurance reimbursement is possible only if your policy covers psychotherapists

[Prices in Canadian dollars]



Personalized -- $195 per session (approx. 1 hour)
minimum 2 sessions, prepaid in total

Home Visits in Montreal area

As above except the initial session rate is $250, inclusive of travel time. Must be another adult in the house.

After making an appointment with me by email or phone (514-827-4673) please fill out the automated Client Confidential Information Form or copy and paste it into an email, fill it out and email it to me at [email protected]

I must have this completed Form at least two days before your appointment at the Westside Medical Clinic (phone is 514-489-5753) at 4260 Girouard Avenue (corner Monkland) Suite 240, Montreal H4A 3C9.

Once you have made the appointment(s) you are responsible for paying the fee(s). Unless you cancel with more than 24 hours notice you remain responsible for paying the fee(s).


[Prices in U.S. dollars]

Over the Web
New pricing for 2010

$37 U.S. registration, $99 per session (Skype and webcam)

[See Hypno-psychotherapy over the Web for details].

Weight Controllers™
[See Lose Weight with Self-Help Hypnosis for details]. $133 U.S.

[All fees payable upfront by cash, check, or PayPal]
* * *



"True healing of the heart and mind"

"Before I saw Dr. Knight, I had many unresolved issues. I had tried counselling and psychotherapy since suffering sexual abuse and toxic family environment but nothing seemed to get me the closure I needed.

Hypno-psychotherapy is the best investment I have ever made in my life. It allowed me to truly let go of my past. After completion of my treatment with Dr. Knight, I felt an immense relief and peace of mind that I had not felt since I was a young child.

I have found Dr. Knight to be highly skilled and passionate about his work. After only one session of hypnosis with him, I already felt better. It took only three sessions to resolve years of issues.

Hypnosis allowed me to regain my self-confidence and to let go of the sexual abuse I had suffered in the past.

I highly recommend Dr. Knight. He is Montreal's best-kept secret! Many therapists can get the patient to speak of the problems and then they do not know what to do afterward when all is out in the open. Not Dr. Knight. He offers guidance and support in every step of the way, until true healing of the heart and mind occurs.

Thank you Dr. Knight I will never forget what you did for me!"

Jessica Dupr


"I would have paid a billion dollars"

"Six months ago I couldn't even leave my home without getting anxious. I just recently got back from a two week vacation, much of which I spent travelling alone in New York City. Since my early years of high school I could never give a public speech with any confidence. Many times I avoided them altogether and was glad to accept the zero. Six months ago I had difficulty ordering at a McDonald's drive-thru.

Today I am taking acting classes; something I had wanted to do since I was a child but never had the confidence. Just recently I performed in my first play. If it wasn't for Dr. Knight I would not have been able to accomplish these feats. Yes, I call them feats because coming from where I came from, these are truly outstanding accomplishments. In the past few months I have done things that I would have paid a billion dollars to be able to do six months ago.. . .

I have never written a testimonial before, but I felt I must in this situation....

Dr. Knight is the kind of person who will post his clients' testimonials in order to help more people and to hear how his clients' lives have changed because of him. He DOESN'T care about making as much money as he can from his clients and he DOESN'T work with people who aren't willing to put in the effort to help themselves.

I did not write this testimonial to sell Dr. Knight. I wrote it to thank him and to help anyone else suffering with something they don't need to be suffering with. . .

I just hope that someday Dr. Knight calls me up to tell me that he helped someone who decided to see Dr. Knight because of this testimonial. Then maybe I will feel what Dr. Knight experiences on a daily basis."

[Full testimonial can be read here: Conquer Phobias]


"Lifetime lasting effect"

"Dr Knight, I just want to re-iterate what I already said many times,
the benefit I got from our sessions will have a lifetime lasting
effect. You taught me the power of the mind and I think this is the
foundation for everything. Your knowledge of human nature, your
non-judgmental personality and your sense of humor helped me achieve


"Haven't Had A Drink in 16 Years"

“My name is Chris. I am 49. I started drinking alcohol from the
age of 12. I was a full alcoholic by the time I was eighteen.

By the age of 33 I was completely and totally devastated.
I had nowhere else to turn. I was suicidal.

I had 2 children and I was married. I had trouble keeping a job.
My marriage was ready to end. I had no friends left. I was broke.
My mind was burnt out. I did not know what was right or what was

I still have 2 adult children now and I am still married
for 29 years thanks to the 2 meetings that I had with
dr. knight 16 years ago.

I just saw an ad in the newspaper for hypnosis by
dr. knight for treatment and I answered it. That was the best
money I ever spent.

In 2 sessions -- one was a verbal session - dr. knight using
his hypnosis methods on me stopped me from drinking and
made me sober overnight.

I was a new person. I was reborn. I was treated where others failed.
dr. knight cured my alcoholism overnight. In one actual hypnosis
treatment session.

I have not had a single drink at all in 16 years. I am sober
and will be sober for the rest of my life. I don’t even
feel and I have not felt like having a single drink in
the last 16 years.

I saved my life. I saved my marriage. I now own my own home. I had
the pleasure of being with and raising my children who
love me. My wife is one of the happiest women on earth. I have
kept my job for 11 years.

I go out and I live life. Thanks to dr knight I am proof that
alcoholism can be cured and until today 16 years after the
fact I still recommend to anyone suffering any problem to
contact and see dr. knight.

My name is available on request and my e-mail is available
on request. If I can save even one person it would be by
sending him or her to see dr. knight.

I wrote this testimonial out of my own free will and
desire. I did not have to. I wanted to. Nobody asked me to do this.

If anyone ever believed in a second chance in life or any
chance in life at being healthy and cured go see dr. knight.

Yours truly, Chris”


"It is possible to control panic attacks"
"I met Dr Knight because I suffered anxiety and panic attacks. My attacks occurred within my workplace while I was trying cases before Court. I am a lawyer and pleaded almost every week. My workload is very heavy and our office is understaffed. Attacks always occurred when I pleaded and it was like that since 1997. Sometimes, I had more than one attack in a week when stress was too intense. As a result, my anxiety rose to such a level that I was afraid to go to court. From a therapeutic point of view, and also from a personal one, my encounter with Dr Knight was very beneficial. The hypnosis session proved that it is possible to control panic attacks. Dr Knight lavished me with much good advice and gave me tips to control my anxiety. Two days after my hypnosis session I pleaded several cases without any attacks. Although I was extremely nervous I put in practice recommendations formulated by Dr Knight to diminish my anxiety and control my panic. The week after I pleaded four long days without any attack. Over a year I had four attacks but avoided several more while putting into practice teaching received from Dr Knight. This is a very important improvement since I would previously probably have undergone at least an attack per month. I encourage every person having anxiety problems, stress, panic or with any personal or emotional problem to consult Dr Knight. Professionally and personally, Dr Knight is an interesting person. From the first meeting you will notice that Dr Bryan Knight is very qualified, empathic and professional. B.F."


"I was skeptical at first"

"The CD on Golf is for my son who only listens to CDs.
The cassette tape is for me. I, on the other hand, am
antiquated and have a tape player and have not graduated to a CD

Thanks for the ebook. I also enjoy your self-help bytes and

Just as a point of information. I use hypnosis for pain relief
and am somewhat successful (both self and heterohypnosis). I
also have used it somewhat for creativity and can see wonderful
potential. I was skeptical at first, being a scientist and
professor (OK very skeptical), but now I can see the benefits.
Just thought you would like to know about one of your customers.



"The techniques worked wonders"

"Becoming a Chartered Accounted (CA) represented the greatest accomplishment that I could reach. After spending almost 20 years to get to my final test, the Uniform Final Examination (UFE), I was confident that I was going to pass on my first shoot.

Sad to say, after two and a half months of having waited impatiently for the results, I experienced the greatest disappointment of my life: I failed.

Not only did I fail the exam, but also this meant that I had to wait until the following year to retake my UFE and spend another five months off work to prepare for this exam.

Determined to do everything to succeed the second time around, I decided to give hypnosis a try. Dr. Knight was referred to me by a former patient of his. I met with him three weeks before my exam and I was ecstatic about our meeting and could not wait to begin working with Dr. Knight.

I spent a total of three sessions with Dr. Knight in order to help me stay calm, relaxed and confident throughout my 16-hour exam so I could reach my target-mark.

The techniques that he used worked wonders because not only was I extremely calm before and during the exam but I was also very confident; a confidence that led me to have faith that I CAN PASS this exam and I really believed in myself this time around.

I continued to practice the self-hypnosis techniques during and after the exam and until the results came out. On the evening the results were posted on the Internet, I was pretty sure that I had passed because I had confidence in the work done with Dr. Knight.

Well, I PASSED and my score was very, very, very close to the score that I wanted to reach.

So, for all of you who are still hesitant on whether or not to contact Dr. Knight, STOP and go for it. The only thing you have to lose is not accomplishing the reason why you're considering seeing Dr. Knight. He can and does change your life, like he did for me, for the better.

Thank you a million Dr. Knight.

Yours truly,

CG, C.A."


"I amazed my thesis adviser"

Here are some excerpts from a long letter sent to me by a South American client who was in graduate school [italics in the original]:

"We've had one session of hypnosis last semester, only one in which I was actually hypnotized, and it meant a lot to me! Maybe that's the reason why, during the two following sessions with you, I spent all the time talking about the results of it! . . . .

After you hypnotized me, I could finish two important papers. I amazed my thesis advisor, who thought I would never be able to do it, and was ready to concede me expanded time, which I ended up never needing to ask him for.

I went to my country for Christmas vacation and, for the first time, I did not have a paper to work on, or to worry with!

Well, I kept hypnotising myself, following the instructions you present in your book.

The conference at Montreal was a success. . . . My advisor, whom I have rarely seen to make a positive comment on a student's speech, said many times that my conference [presentation] had been 'brilliant'.

And the best of all was that I enjoyed every moment of the work for that conference. To tell you the truth, I had a lot of fun working on it! I presented a thorough subject with some sense of humour, and people even laughed at my jokes!

The other conference (this one in Quebec City) went well, also. More positive reactions and comments, more fun and some more jokes. I presented two good seminars, handed in two good papers, and had A's on both Ph.D courses.

Also, the most important of all, my thesis project was approved, with excellent comments, by the commission of specialists.....

It is clear to me that all the results I had have A LOT to do with hypnosis. Part of the reason for me to write this is to thank you for it, Dr Knight. Thanks.


"Helped me conquer completely my fears "

These comments are from a young man who used to be an in-office client:

"I have known Dr. Bryan Knight for almost 2 years. Dr. Knight and I met when I was in need of psychotherapy.

When I first met Dr. Knight, I was quite confused and skeptical. My problems included fear of dating, lack of self-confidence, constant negative thinking and existential issues.

During the course of my therapy, Dr. Knight spent the necessary time and effort to make me understand that I always have a choice, that any fear can be eliminated by proper mental thinking, He introduced me to self-hypnosis. That can help you achieve anything you desire. It puts you into a deep state of relaxation and frees your mind of all the negative thoughts that constantly invade you.

Dr. Knight is one of the most non-judgmental and honest persons I have ever met. He always showed a lot of respect and understanding to his clients. He was never late to any of our appointments and has always shown interest and concern toward my problems.

Those characteristics combined with his sense of humor and his 30+ years of experience make Dr. Knight a great therapist and advisor.

Hypnotherapy and the great personality of Dr. Knight, helped me conquer completely my fears.

I strongly recommend Dr. Knight to any individual in need of a high quality, skilled therapist. If anyone would like to speak to me personally regarding my own experience with Dr. Knight, they can reach me by emailing him and he'll forward your enquiry to me.



Too bad real psychotherapy isn't as simple as this video (hmm, maybe it could be? :-):