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  Battered Wife Reborn  
Broken Wing: Poems of Triumph

Jo-Anne Flynn's wrenching series of poems describe her anguish at being a battered wife --

and her triumph in overcoming adversity.


Here are some “Notes from the Author”

"My name is Jo-Anne Flynn. I am an ex-battered wife and an ex-alcoholic. I was married for eleven years to a wife batterer, and like the syndrome itself, I couldn’t get out. My husband finally left me and this is when I turned to alcohol.

I came to Vantage Institute [private mental health day centre and residence] about five years ago and received therapy and support from Erwin Matlin and the other members of the staff. I am now over my obsession with my ex-husband and I hope other women in the same predicament can benefit from this book.

This is also a work of love for my mother who took so much abuse from me and still supported me through the years.

May God bless all women and give them strength to get out of a marriage which is destroying them."


Here's a sample poem:


Through prison chains

I bind the walls

of time

and hunger for a kiss

lightning strikes my mind

and I flow through endless waters

of want and despair

you fly the skies

and return to her

i look at the sky

And wonder if you are there.


This ebook is priced at only $7.95 U.S. The author receives $5 for each ebook sold. $2.95 covers the cost of publishing and administration.

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Receive "Broken Wing" free: to obtain a printed copy of Jo-Anne's book send me a photocopy or a scanned email of a receipt of your donation to any Women's cause over $50 (26 pounds sterling) . There are only a few printed copies left. Each is autographed and hand-bound by Jo-Anne.


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